Curse of the Boyfriend Sweater No More

You’ve probably all heard of what inevitably happens after you knit that intricate Fair Isle or cable-ridden Aran sweater for the man in your life.  Yes, that’s right, you inevitably break up.  Well, I’ve never knit a boyfriend a sweater, but I’ve knit them other things, and I vowed a long time ago never to knit for a man again.  But then I met my guy, let’s call him “Guy,” and he turned my world upside down and inside out.

From the moment he found out I knit, he’s been begging me to make him a pair of wool underwear.  Now, of course, he’s probably joking, but regardless, it’s NOT happening.  Instead, I’m making him this Brimster Beanie pictured below:


It’s coming along quickly.  Which is just lovely, since I have other projects in the wings.

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