These Boots are Made for Knitting

Fewer things make me happier than red nails and new boots.

Boots & Knitting 010 

Whether I’m typing, or knitting, or reading, or whatever, when I catch a glimpse of those red fingertips, my pulse quickens and the blood rushes to my head.  Perhaps it speaks volumes of the power of red.  Maybe it’s just that it’s been my favorite color since, like, I was five.

And then there’s the boots.  Like any woman in touch with her womanhood, I like shoes.  I like heels and flats, strappy sandals and open-toed.  And with a red pedicure, don’t get me started… Above all else, I love boots, and I just treated myself to a new pair.  My Guy and I went to DSW Shoe Warehouse, aka Mecca.  Love that place, and love my boots.  I’d wear them to bed if they matched my pajamas.

On the needles is the Brimster Beanie. I’m using Bernat Alpaca in Tomato.  It’s a 70/30 Acrylic/Alpaca blend, and I wouldn’t normally use yarn with such a high Acrylic content (please don’t read “yarn snob”), but it’s actually pretty great.  Soft and drapey, and of course the price is to die for.  Highly recommended.

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