“Seriously?” and “Are You Kidding Me?”

“Make sure you don’t run out of yarn.  Make sure you don’t run out of yarn!”  This is a mantra muttered by thousands of knitters each day as they carefully choose yarn for their knitting projects.  This is most definitely my mantra when I choose yarn for one of my upcoming projects.  Thing is, when I decided to knit up Baby Corn, I had the yarn in my stash already, so I didn’t have a chance to estimate how much I’d need from the get-go.  I knew I wouldn’t have enough to knit the entire dress, so I decided to shorten it up and make it a cute top instead.  So far, I’ve finished the bodice and the two sleeves.  Great, right?  Sounds like I’m finished, right?  Well, there’s an I-Cord woven into the eyelets at the top of the bodice, and well…

ICord Issues

I ran out of freakin’ yarn for the I-Cord!  I could not believe it!  I would not believe it!  For a second I even tried estimating how much yarn I’d have if I unraveled the swatches I knit up.  I wouldn’t even come close.

So, I have two options: a) I could buy a new ball of Berroco’s Touche – I suppose even if the dye lot was a little off it wouldn’t be the end of the world since it’s only the I-Cord; or b) I could knit the I-Cord in another color.

Right now I’m leaning towards option (b) since I’m an impatient sort of girl and have a huge stash of yarn and imagine I’ve got to have something that will compliment this light blue.  That’s my thought anyway.  I mean, it’s 12:45 am and I’m thinking of digging through my stash to look for yarn?  Am I totally insane?  In one word, yes, and with further explanation – I’m a knitter.


Crochet Hook: Never Leave Home Without It And The Stitch Doctor Is In The House!

So I’ve been working on my Baby Corn project, and fervently knitting it on the train.  Way back in the day when I used to knit/crochet on public transit, I used to get strange looks, like, what the hell are you doing kind of looks.  Now I get the “I’m intentionally not looking at you but I’m going to glance at you out of the corner of my eye” kind of looks when I’m knitting in public.

Anyway, yesterday when I was knitting on the Brown Line, all the way from the Kimball stop downtown to Washington/Wells (Chicagoans know this is a fairly long ride and thus a good time to knit away) I noticed a dropped stitch.  Oh me, oh my!  What was I to do?  I didn’t have a crochet hook handy, which is usually how I’d fix a dropped stitch.  I was only two stops into my ride, and I didn’t want to put away my knitting and wait until I got home to fix it.  So I tried to fix it using my needles.  Bad idea.  It became a twisted mess of loops and yarn and I must admit, I panicked and freaked out a tiny bit before I pulled myself together and soldiered on.  I was able to salvage what I could of the mess I made and it worked for the time being and I was able to continue knitting.  But the mistake was still present and staring me in the face and screaming to be fixed.

So when I got home, I grabbed my handy dandy crochet hook and got to work.


In the end, I had to fix two dropped stitches rather than one, but it was well worth it.  Now all my stitches are in there proper place and all is right with the world.

Moral of the story: never leave home without that damn crochet hook; you never know when you’ll need it and panic attacks on the El are so not cool.