Oh Bother!

So I finished the baby sweater.  ON TIME!  It turned out super cute.  I didn’t end up adding snaps.  It ended up looking great just the same.  Problem is, I forgot to take a picture of it.  Wha!  Yeah, through the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the baby shower, getting the baby shower games together and wrapping the gift, it totally slipped my mind.  I’m truly bummed.  Oh well.  What can you do?  Maybe I can get a pic of the baby wearing it, at some point.  Not holding my breath, though.

Here’s the baby shower games I designed:

Baby Gift Bingo copy

Baby Word Scramble - Magen copy

Of course, something had to go wrong with the games: I spelled “swaddle” wrong on the Word Scramble.  Left out one “d.”  No point in dwelling over it, although I still am.  Must be the perfectionist in me.


Oh Snap!

I’m just about done with the baby sweater.  All I have to do is knit the button bands and crochet some buttons.  Sure.  Right.  Piece of cake.

I find directions online for crocheting buttons.  I whip out my crochet hook, grab the yarn.  Off I go.  But, wait.  This button looks a bit too big for the sweater.  Let me try less stitches.  No.  It’s still too big.

<bead of sweater rolling down forehead>

Okay, scratch the crochet button idea.  I must have some buttons lying around that I can use.  Grab the tube of buttons I bought at Hobby Lobby years ago.  Dump the buttons on the coffee table.  Search frantically for buttons that will work.  Find a button.  More frantic searching for the matching button.  Okay.  Two matching buttons.  Hold up to sweater.  No, no, no, all wrong.  Repeat above process.  Twice.

<profusely sweating and starting to panic>

It’s too late to run out to the store in search of buttons.  I could make a dash to the store tomorrow, but the sweater needs to be done by Saturday.  And I still need to weave in ends and wash it.  I need to finish these button bands tonight!

<begin to hyperventilate>

Then it hits me.  Snaps.  Yes, big snaps.  Sewn onto the button bands that I will finish tonight.  Snaps that I can pick up and sew on tomorrow night.  It will all be okay.  IT WILL ALL BE OKAY!

<sigh of relief>


Stupid Ease as Stupid Does

So, this is my first foray into designing a sweater.  I’ve designed plenty of blankets and scarves, but how hard are they, right? Being basic squares or rectangles and all.

I’m designing a baby cardigan for my cousin’s new baby boy.  At first I was like, this is gonna be a piece of cake.  Little sweater,  little design, little knitting.  So I grabbed measurements for a 6-month old from the Craft & Yarn Council’s website and got to work.

Problem is, I forgot to take into account the ease.  Why, why, why?!  How did I forget to consider the most important aspect of designing a sweater?!  Maybe it was the glass of wine I had while writing out the pattern. Shoot if I know.

Anywho, I had finished the back and fronts before I realized my gross error.  Ugh!  So, now it’s more like a 3-month old size than a 6-month old.  I’m trying not to sweat it too much since the baby is a preemie, and this size might actually work.  But still, it looks so SMALL.

I’m contemplating adding an inch or so to the bottom of the sweater, but that will require extra work and extra time.  Did I mention it has to be ready by this Saturday?  Yes, you heard right.

At times like these, I’d like to just run from my knitting project.  Run, Forrest, run!!!


Hotter than Hell

It’s 91 degrees in our 3rd floor apartment, and I can literally feel myself cooking.  Okay, maybe “cooking” is an exaggeration, just like “hotter than hell” is.  But I think that if I were actually in hell, I bet there wouldn’t be this damn humidity.  I’m hot, My Guy is hot, and even Murphy is hot.


He’s got the right idea, though.  Thing is, I  can’t just lay around in an attempt to find a little relief in the warm breeze of the fan.  I’m on a deadline!  I’ve got some knitting to do in order to have this baby sweater done by the 30th.  I’m onto the sleeves, and then' I’ve got the button band. So I’m like what – halfway there?  But it just feels too icky to knit.  Actually, it feels too icky to do much of anything.

Except maybe stick my head in the freezer.

I wonder if I could knit in there…


A Change Will Do You Good

As you can see, if you happen to be a regular reader (do you exist?), I’ve given the ol’ blog a new look.  Hopefully this is just what I need to motivate me to post more.  And do I have stuff to post… like the pic of the finished Baby Blue… the baby sweater I'm designing… projects I want to start on…

I better get cracking.