Oh Snap!

I’m just about done with the baby sweater.  All I have to do is knit the button bands and crochet some buttons.  Sure.  Right.  Piece of cake.

I find directions online for crocheting buttons.  I whip out my crochet hook, grab the yarn.  Off I go.  But, wait.  This button looks a bit too big for the sweater.  Let me try less stitches.  No.  It’s still too big.

<bead of sweater rolling down forehead>

Okay, scratch the crochet button idea.  I must have some buttons lying around that I can use.  Grab the tube of buttons I bought at Hobby Lobby years ago.  Dump the buttons on the coffee table.  Search frantically for buttons that will work.  Find a button.  More frantic searching for the matching button.  Okay.  Two matching buttons.  Hold up to sweater.  No, no, no, all wrong.  Repeat above process.  Twice.

<profusely sweating and starting to panic>

It’s too late to run out to the store in search of buttons.  I could make a dash to the store tomorrow, but the sweater needs to be done by Saturday.  And I still need to weave in ends and wash it.  I need to finish these button bands tonight!

<begin to hyperventilate>

Then it hits me.  Snaps.  Yes, big snaps.  Sewn onto the button bands that I will finish tonight.  Snaps that I can pick up and sew on tomorrow night.  It will all be okay.  IT WILL ALL BE OKAY!

<sigh of relief>

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