Helplessness Blues Makes Me Happy

I like to think I’m a music trendsetter.  Most often, the music that strikes my fancy ends up being pretty, well, trendy.  I started listening to Fleet Foxes when their first album came out, and I absolutely loved it.  Now they’re out with a new album, Helplessness Blues, and it’s pretty great too.

helplessness blues

What’s really exciting is that I’m going to see Fleet Foxes in concert on October 1.  Their first show sold out (bummer), so I was really ecstatic to find that they added another show.  And I scored tix.  Fabulous!

In knitting news, I’m experiencing a bit of Babypalooza.  I’m knitting ANOTHER baby sweater for ANOTHER baby shower.  It’s a really simple design, all rectangles and squares.  Here’s the back, or front, whatever suits your fancy, I guess.


This time around, I’ll be sure to take pics of the finished product.  I’m still seething over that…

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