Miracle Grow

Ok, so I didn’t grow them.  And, some may say that calling them a “miracle” is blasphemy.  But these flowers STILL look great and I got them on my birthday.  April 1st.  Yes, I’m an April Fool’s baby, but that’s besides the point.  The point is, I got them on April 1st, and look at the amazing condition they’re in!!  I’ve never had flowers last on me this long, but with some water changes and a little pruning of the dead stuff, they’re still going strong.  Amazing!

In knitting news, there’s not much to tell.  My alpaca circular scarf isn’t going as planned:  I’ve ripped it out maybe 5 times while trying to find the perfect pattern.  So I’ve put my needles down for a bit.  Hoping to find some inspiration soon.  I’ll post pics once there’s something worth seeing.

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