Shout Out to All My Peeps Around the World

Just noticed on my blogger stats that I’ve had a page view from New Zealand.  Pretty exciting.  I’ve also had people from Ukraine, Canada, the UK and China.  VERY exciting!  Not sure if they like my blog or just happened across my blog from some random search, but either way, I’m happy my words have been viewed by so many.  Thanks all for checking me out!

In other blogging news, one of the most popular keyword searches for my blog seems to be the knitted jock strap.  Wow!  I had no idea!  So, even though I blasted the knitted jock strap idea, I guess there’s a high demand for them.  Kudos to you and your creative knitting.

[Post originally published 4/19/2012.]

4/20/2012:  I’d like to add that the above-mentioned stats are representative of the last week.  I’ve also had page views in Germany, Russia, Israel, India, Japan and Malaysia.  I’d like to give a shout out to all those folks as well!

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