Yarn Stash

Not sure if I posted this picture (or one similar to this) before, but I was looking through my picture gallery and came across this one.

My Guy and I were going through my stash, maybe a year ago or so, and wanted to artfully arrange my yarn stash and knitting needles.  It was a fun exercise.  I donated a whole bunch of yarn after this photo shoot – mostly Red Heart and other acrylic yarns.

This de-stashing also made me realize that I’ve turned into a bit of a yarn snob.  Not hardcore, but enough that I cringe when I touch a 100% acrylic yarn.  I’m not proud of this, but it’s the truth.  I’ve come to appreciate the finer quality yarns, which usually translates to the more expensive yarns.  I’ve always had expensive taste, but sometimes this gets in the way of a project getting underway.  If I can’t afford the good stuff, I don’t really want to knit.  And I love to knit.  I don’t like to think of myself as pretentious, but maybe I am.  At least a little bit.

On the current knitting front, not much going on.  As I’m writing this, it’s 89 degrees in my 3rd floor apartment, and I can’t for the life of me pick up my current project.  It’s just too hot to work with alpaca.  It’s too hot to do much of anything.  So, I’m writing this just to write and to let you know I’m doing fine.  Hot as hell, but fine.